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How to Rejuvenate Your Body Through Major Lifestyle Changes

How to Rejuvenate Your Body

If you’re wondering how to rejuvenate your body on a tight budget, there are actually several safe, natural ways you can take years off your body, without going under the knife. A cleanse can be the perfect option to boost your overall health and can help to prime your body for nutrient absorption and weight loss. Additionally, if you pay more attention to your exercise and nutrition habits, you’ll notice some important changes that take place aside from weight loss, including shinier hair, firmer, smoother skin, a reduction in the shadows and bags under the eyes, and an increase in energy.

Body Rejuvenation for a Totally New You

A cleanse is an easy, affordable, great way to get your body in shape. A cleanse is done by consuming only water or fruit and veggies juice for a determined period of time. The body is bombarded by toxins on a daily basis. A cleanse is a great way to flush these toxins out of your system, improving your digestive health and enabling the body to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Fasting is another option and it’s been used throughout history for a number of reasons. Fasting is believed to be an instinctive response to many illnesses including intestinal problems, the common cold, and the flu. Fasts are also followed for spiritual awareness and religious reasons. There are several different types of fasts to choose from, such as the eight or twelve hour fast, or the forty-eight hour fast. Fasting is another method that can remove toxins from the body and boost the metabolism. However, if you’ve never fasted before we recommend consulting your physician before you give it a try. Many people in a desperate attempt to lose weight will try fasting for several days at a time. Not only can this push your body into starvation mode, but it can land you in the hospital for malnutrition if you do it incorrectly.

The Juicing Lifestyle

There are many fitness enthusiasts that believe juicing is the key to body rejuvenation. Juicing is also referred to as cellular cleansing and it involves drinking fresh squeezed fruit and veggie juice. A juice fast is a good way to nurture the body and can boost the immune system and prime the body for weight loss. Both raw veggie and fruit juice contain a number of cleansing elements including antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins and minerals which can safely detoxify and heal the body.

Cleansing the System

During a cleanse, little energy is used by the digestive system, allowing the body to focus on renewing, rebuilding, and healing the body. You’ll also be pretty surprised by the amount of energy you have during a cleanse. Studies have shown that many health benefits of juicing exceed those of eating solid veggies and fruits.  At the most basic level, juicing will give you the opportunity to add more leafy greens and fresh fruit to your diet.

Green juices contain high levels of chlorophyll which is very effective in detoxifying the body.  Chlorophyll can also help to make the body even stronger by detoxing the liver. This type of detox helps to purify and rebuild blood cells and rid the body of toxins, parasites, and yeast overgrowth.

Making Serious Changes to Your Diet

Body Rejuvenation

If you’re getting older then you may have noticed subtle or not so subtle changes in your body over the past few years, mainly when it comes to your skin. Youthful looking skin can be almost impossible to achieve if your diet is full of fatty, processed foods. Now is the time to make important changes to your diet. Eat natural, simple foods that are close to the source. The less processed foods you eat, the better you’ll look and feel. Choose foods that are grown locally or seasonally. These foods will have the most vitamins, nutrients, and vital energy. You can add fresh herbs, greens, and sprouts to get the energy flowing and really change the appearance and even the texture of your skin.

Fermented foods such as tempeh, sauerkraut, and miso can also be great additions to your diet. They add essential probiotics that can reduce inflammation and aid in digestion.

Workout to Increase Firmness and Improve Muscle Tone

Step up your exercise routine regularly to lose weight, tone your body, and help with liver detoxification. Yoga is a great option. Poses that combine twists will literally soak and squeeze the abs. These are the most important poses that can aid in a body detox. Twists also help with the elimination of impurities and stimulate digestion. Additionally, circulation of the lymph and blood is also promoted. The organs in the abdominal area are squeezed during twist positions, working to stimulate the liver and kidneys, which will force out blood that’s filled with toxins and metabolic by-products. When you release this position, clean, fresh blood will enter the organs, flooding the cells with oxygen and nutrients. As you can see, certain yoga poses have a refreshing, cleansing effect on the organs in the abdominal area as well as the associated glands.

Colon Health

A colonic is performed in order to get rid of accumulated waste from the colon. Researchers who have studied the benefits of colonics believe that excess fecal matter can harden and accumulate in the colon, preventing the body from absorbing nutrients and water, resulting in constipation, and severe bloating. A buildup of fecal matter can also allow yeast and harmful bacteria to grow. Excess sugar, a lack of fiber, and a diet that’s high in red meat can contribute to this problem.

Rejuvenating the Skin

How to rejuvenate your body involves dietary changes, exercise and using natural products that your skin can benefit from. So, If you’ve already focused on cleaning up your diet, it’s now time to focus on your skin. If you’re still experiencing breakouts at your age, the culprit can be the chemical laden products you use. Reactive and sensitive skin is usually caused by mental and dietary stress, in addition to irritating ingredients. Treatment can begin by using all-natural products on your skin. Remove any products that contain artificial ingredients and instead choose products that contain antioxidants and gentle stimulants. Using all-natural products can boost collagen production and skin cell turnover which will rid the body of older skin cells, leaving new, healthier skin in its place.