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Eight Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger Instantly 

Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger

Forget about serums and anti-aging creams that can take too long to work or spending a fortune on expensive cosmetic procedures. There are several hairstyles that make you look younger, so get rid of that boring hairstyle or those faded locks. You can easily turn back the hands of time by changing up your look.

Whether it’s adding some bangs, or getting a stylish new cut, there are many hairstyles that can take years off your face and accentuate all the right features, while hiding flaws and minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

 Popular Hairstyles for a Younger Look

Regardless of age, shoulder length hair is a flattering choice for anyone. For a low maintenance new look that can make you look years younger you can cut your longer locks to shoulder length or grow out your shorter style. A shoulder length cut looks great and works best on mostly straight hair. However, if your hair is naturally curly or wavy, long layers that are cut just above the shoulder can also be a flattering choice. You can leave it curly or blow dry it straight. The style will look great both ways, the real key here is the length. The right type of products to use for this hairstyle will depend on the texture of your hair.

Recommended products:

•    For limp or fine hair, we recommend using a volumizer.

•    For wavy hair, you’ll want to bring out that natural wave and spritz some sea salt spray on damp hair.

•    For curly hair, you’ll want to straighten it using a blow-drying spray.

Adding Some Bangs

Bangs are probably one of the easiest ways to take some years off your face. However, there are several ways new bangs can go wrong.

Here’s what to do to get the best bangs to frame your face:

•    If you’re going for blunt bangs, make sure they skim your brows. Speak to your stylist and have them cut at the brow or just below.

•    Avoid cutting your hair when it’s wet because the bangs will shrink when they dry.

•    Bangs should be layered subtly. Never cut bangs straight across. They should also be left a little longer on the sides.

•    Learn how to maintain your own bangs and save a trip to the hair salon.

Straightened Hair

Not everyone can get away with center parted straight hair, but women with square or round faces will look great with this look.

Recommended products:

•    Even if you have naturally straight hair you need to flat iron it and use an anti-frizz spray for a more polished look that will take care of the flyaways.

Classic Waves

Hairstyles to Look Younger

Allowing naturally curly hair to go natural is currently a big trend. You can skip straightening treatments and put away your iron, allowing your natural curls to shine. The trick here is getting the right haircut that will complement your waves and make you look younger. If your hair is cut too short it can pouf up. If you leave it too long then it can become an unruly mess.

Recommended products:

•    To keep your wavy hair looking great you need to use a balm or smoothing mask. The mask should be applied to hair that’s towel dried from roots to ends. Next, massage the product into your hair, leaving it on for five minutes before rinsing it out.

Center Parts

For women with round or square faces, a center part can be very flattering. But regardless of your face shape we recommend trying this type of part out to see if it works for you. The key to this type of hairstyle is not to make it exactly centered, which can look unnatural. Instead, shoot for just a bit off to the right or left.

Recommended products:

•    In order to create a center part, you’ll need to use a rattail comb.

A basic shine spray is also a great choice to make your sleek new style pop.


A longer bob is another youthful haircut option that’s relatively low maintenance and flattering for most face shapes. A long bob should hit somewhere between the chin and shoulders, however, the back should be slightly shorter than the front. While you can add blunt bangs to this look, many women choose long side swept bangs for a more elegant look.

Recommended products:

•    To keep this hairstyle looking sleek and smooth you’ll need to use a flat brush and a round brush.

•    If you have curly or wavy hair we recommend blow drying your hair straight using a gentle styling cream and an anti-frizz serum.

A Chunky Short Cut

A chunky short haircut is another low maintenance hairstyle that can take years off your face, but in order to pull this type of style off, you’ll need some confidence and a good pomade.

Recommended products:

•    For a pixie cut, you’ll need to use a wax or decent molding paste. Without it, your hair will fall flat.

Mussing Your Hair

Hair that’s perfectly coiffed can make you appear older and more than a little stuffy. The next time you style your hair mess it up a little by playing with a little sculpting cream to add some much-needed texture to your hair.

Recommended products:

•    To get a mussed look for any hairstyle length you should use a texturizing spray or wax.

Flat Hair Color

You’re probably aware that the color of your hair can also majorly affect how old or young you look. You’re probably also more than a little confused by the fact that women in their twenties are dyeing their hair gray and silver on purpose.

However, if you are going gray, don’t be afraid to embrace it. Use gray hair dye to make your gray hair pop and shine instead of it looking flat, dry, and brassy.

To get away from your gray, we recommend having your hair professionally treated. Home dye jobs tend to look flat. If you have gray hair you’ll want to use more than one color of hair dye to give your hair more depth. Some stylists also recommend highlights and lowlights. As you can see, dyeing your hair when you’re older can be tricky, so let the pros handle it.