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Old School New Body Review

This Old School New Body review will discuss exactly what this program has to offer, how you can lose weight fast by choosing from the included workout plans, and how you can get fit after forty.

So, is this program everything it promises to be? Can you really lose weight and build muscle faster just from working out a few times a week?  Let’s find out!

Old School New Body can be used as an effective guide for people who are new to weight lifting. This package features a one hundred-page eBook with nutritional information and workout guides. This program is marketed as a way to reverse the aging process by lifting weights for just an hour and a half a week.

This program uses an age-old formula that consists of following a healthy diet, working out consistently, and getting enough sleep each night.

This program is more geared towards older adults, especially those forty and up. The authors, Becky and Steve Holman have created a workout program designed to help people get into shape quickly and safely.

Old School New Body Program Overview

The Old School New Body eBook is available in a PDF format. The eBook is the core of the program and it’s well laid out. We recommend reading through it before you begin any of the workouts found in the Quick Start Guide.

This eBook goes into detail regarding the history of how similar workout programs were formulated using important core exercises. The eBook also includes plenty of nutritional information and motivational info, making it a quick and easy read.

The Quick Start Guide consists of fifteen pages and lists all of the exercises that are found in the Build, Shape, and Lean workouts. This guide really shines if you use it as a reference during a workout.

You’ll also get several special reports including:

•    Fat Burning Secrets

•    Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets

•    Health and Happiness Secrets

•    Muscle Building Secrets

These reports mainly consist of recommendations and tips regarding what supplements to take and foods you should eat to help boost your libido, energy, or metabolism.

Chapter Summaries


Here’s an overview of each of the chapters included in this program. This will help you learn about the type of information this package includes:

It begins with an introduction that discusses how this program was created. The workouts in this program are based off of old training logs made by Vince Gironda, who was also known as the Iron Guru. Vince was a top bodybuilder in the 1950s.

The whole point of this system is to get the beginner used to working out in a more efficient manner in order to see better results.

In the preface, you’ll learn more about the science behind weightlifting and how it can reverse the aging process. This program really focuses on how age doesn’t matter when it comes to getting in shape.

Joint Rejuvenation

This chapter focuses on exercises and eating habits that you can follow to relieve joint pain. The major focus is on shoulder, back, and knee pain.

Getting Motivated

This chapter provides evidence regarding how lifting weights can increase the release of hormones that are said to increase life expectancy and reverse the aging process. Additionally, you’ll be asked to list your goals and why you want to get back in shape. This chapter also lays out some goal setting guidelines.

F4X Automatic Cardio

While most people think that lifting is done only for muscle growth, it’s also great for burning fat. This chapter will discuss the effects of taking short breaks between sets. Short breaks between sets have an effect that’s similar to HIIT training. HIIT training has been proven to be the most effective type of cardio you can do for fast weight loss.

Transformation Sensation

This chapter features details about the transformation of one of the authors: Becky Holman. You’ll see before and after photos and a list of tips on how you can achieve the same type of results.

The provided diet tips include why it’s important to eat more fiber and veggies.

Lean Machine Diet

This chapter will discuss how to time your carb intake, which is the key aspect to losing weight. You’ll also learn about how your muscles utilize carbs after a workout. With this chapter, you’ll learn how to maintain a steady level of insulin throughout the day.

Eating More, Losing Weight, Building Muscle

This chapter offers some simple guidelines for a healthy diet, such as the importance of eating small, frequent meals throughout the day, how much protein to eat per meal, carb intake, and calories from fat. The chapter also includes a few sample meal plans and ten simple meal tips.

Alcohol and Weight Loss Challenges

In this chapter, you’ll learn the common mistakes people make when drinking alcohol during a fitness program and how alcohol really can make you gain weight quickly, hindering your weight loss efforts.

Important Fat and Muscle Supplements 

The three supplements that you’ll find in this chapter include phosphatidylserine, whey protein, and branched chain amino acids. You’ll learn how these supplements can prime your body for fat burning and improve muscle mass.

Question and Answer Section 

This chapter covers some of the most commonly asked questions many users have about the program including:

•    What can I do to start losing weight now?

•    How can I stay motivated in the beginning?

•    What exercises can I do to get washboard abs?

F4X System: How to Turn Fat into Muscle

In this chapter, you’ll learn about the two types of muscle growth and how this system increases the release of the growth hormone.

Myofibril and sarcoplasmic are the two types of muscle growth.

•    Sarcoplasmic muscle growth works by increasing the glycogen storage.  Additionally, you’ll learn why muscles respond better to training with moderate weight and using a higher rep range.

•    Myofibril is the other type of muscle growth and it’s actually an expansion of the muscle fiber, which responds the best when using heavy weight and a lower rep range.

What most people like about this type of system is that the workouts focus on activating both types of muscle growth. So, a beginner training using both types of hypertrophy will experience better results.

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The F4X Workouts

Old School Workout Routine

F4X stands for focus four exercises. These consist of the four core exercises that are considered the most effective:

•    Upright rows

•    Bent over rows

•    Incline presses

•    Squats

This training system lays out several different workout plans, each of which focuses on certain fitness goals. All three of the workouts include the F4X exercises. Regardless of the workout plan you pick, it shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete with the shortest workout taking around half an hour.

The three main workouts are:

•    F4X Build

•    F4X Shape

•    F4X Lean

Build program: This is probably the most intense of the three workouts. This option is for people who want to maximize results and those who have been working out regularly for the past several months. These workouts can be completed in less than an hour, but they must be done four times a week.

Shape program: The Shape program is for people who have more time to dedicate to working out and want to pick up the intensity. This program incorporates the four core exercises and must be done three times a week. Typically, the workout takes about forty-five minutes.

This workout features more exercises than the lean workout, but it consists of the same principles of four sets of ten reps. This workout also includes photos that demonstrate how to properly perform each exercise.

Lean Program: The lean program is designed for beginners or people who have taken a long break from the gym. This program consists of the four core exercises and can be completed in half an hour, three times a week. When you’re short on time and want a quick, effective workout before you head to work, the Lean program is a great choice.

With the Lean workout, you’ll do four basic exercises: bent-over rows, bench press, squats, and upright rows. You’ll do ten reps for each exercise for a total of four sets. These compound exercises recruit multiple muscle fibers, which will put the metabolism into overdrive.

The F4X Dumbbell Workout

Old School New Body

This workout is designed as a home solution if you’re unable to make it to the gym. The program recommends purchasing a specific set of dumbbells in order to complete all of the exercises listed. With this workout, you won’t have any excuses to take an extra recovery day.

Advanced Training Workout

This workout program is a step up in intensity from the basic Shape workout. There are four workouts to choose from. These workouts span over a period of four days.

•    Back, chest, legs

•    Arms, delts

•    Calves, hamstrings, quads

•    Abs, back, chest

These workouts are more difficult, but they follow the same principles of the four sets of ten reps, with a thirty-second rest between each set.

Who Created the Old School New Body Program?

Steve Holman is the editor of Iron Man magazine, and he has also written several books on nutrition and weight training, in addition to many articles on weight loss and fitness.

The other author is Becky Holman. She has been married to Steve for almost thirty years and is one of the most impressive success stories of the F4X method. Her transformation is nothing short of stunning and is also very eye opening considering she’s in her late 40s. Becky is also a regular contributor to Iron Man magazine.


Most of the info you’ll find in this program is legitimate. The authors also cite some credible resources for many of their workout and nutrition claims.

This is a great program for both beginners and seasoned lifters. We liked that there are a number of workout plans to choose from, based on current fitness level or fitness goals.

The workouts are perfect for someone who is totally new to weight lifting. We like how the authors focus on both types of hypertrophy training, which can really help to speed up fat loss, so you’ll see results sooner.

The workout routines are top notch. You can choose from a variety of workouts based on the amount of time you have daily to get them done, which is a huge selling point for beginners, or busy professionals who are always short on time.

Maintaining your weight loss will be easy to do if you continue to use some of these workouts for maintenance purposes.

The authors also offer a sixty-day money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the program.


We would have liked to have seen more of an emphasis on the nutrition aspect of weight loss. While you are given general guidelines, a more structured diet plan would help beginners learn how to eat healthily and make better food choices.

Some buyers felt that the exercises were not explained clearly and that videos and pictures of each exercise could greatly improve the program.

The included free reports don’t add much value to the program, but they’re informative reads if you’re totally new to working out.

The supplement information wasn’t very insightful. A longer supplement list or product recommendations would have been more helpful to newbies.


Old School New Body is a solid program for anyone who wants to try weight lifting for weight loss. While it’s still a good program for seasoned lifters, we wouldn’t recommend it to the average gym goer who can bench several hundred pounds.  However, it’s a great buy if you’re a light lifter and need some workout guidance. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford an expensive personal trainer, or if you’re looking for a way to build muscle and burn fat faster, we highly recommend this weight lifting program. It’s also a good option for the beginner or the seasoned lifter who is looking for an edge and a way to turn back the clock.

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