Learn How to start a window film franchise

Windows provide a source of natural light and air, but they can become a nuisance when they let in too much light, cause heat, and compromise privacy. This opens a chance for entrepreneurs to start a profitable window tinting business, covering the windows with a thin plastic film to protect them from light and heat and give them privacy. Window tinting occurs most often at home or in automobiles. If one is starting a window tinting business, focus on profitability from the start to ensure the business is effective. These are tips on how to start a window film franchise

Buying a dye or dye franchise on the own

There are advantages and disadvantages to both franchises and independent stores. It depends on the particular situation as to which path one chooses.


Working with a franchise helps another business person by providing master business training and full marketing support. However, one handcuffs the self with the marketing, especially any add-on services one wants to include, and one has to pay an expensive, centralized franchise expense and royalties. For example, to buy a franchise, one may pay a franchise expense of up to about $200,000, and one is expected to have a large minimum fluid capital balance.


Opening an independent store allows one to have more opportunities in marketing and a much lower initial investment cost. However, one won’t have the brand recognition that franchises bring, and one may have a harder time finding customers.

Window tinting laws

It’s important to know the laws in the state for window tinting, especially as it pertains to vehicles. The defaults may vary depending on which car window one is talking about. For example, in California, one can have any type of tint on the side and rear windows, but one can only use tint on the front window that lets at least 70% of the light in car windows. For example, in New Jersey, one cannot tint the front windshield, but one can tint the side and rear windows.