In this article, we will take you through Xtrade reviews on leverage and margin at the Xtrade trading platform. Leverage is having the capability to manage a bigger amount of money using none or very little of your own money and borrowing the rest. The requisite Securities (margin deposit) are shown up on each pop-up trade screen.

What are leverage and margin?

Leverage is a system used to increase gains; nonetheless, leverage can also increase losses. Take note, the bigger degree of leverage can result in significant losses.


Your Margin is tartan in actual time, giving you the benefit of knowing where you belong at all times. Xtrade reviews that Maintenance Margin level is the slightest quantity of equity desired to sustain an open position. Should your equity decrease below the minimum amount, Xtrade will automatically accomplish a Margin Call trade and close up any open positions until your account equity supersedes the Maintenance Margin level requirement. Once traders unlock a trading account, they can trade numerous instruments as long as they meet the necessary initial margin of 5% for shares CFDs trading. The maintenance margin is placed at 2.5%. It means that traders can trade shares worth $200,000 from an investment of $10,000. XTrade gives traders with three order types, which again are very familiar among brokers. Traders can either buy or sell at market rates or use the stop-loss limit and take profit orders.

To unlock a new position, the available account equity must surpass the trade’s original margin level requirement.