Best reality-based romantic movies for Telugu people

People assume that movies are imaginative, and they have no connection with the real life of people. We have heard people saying that “this happens in the movies only.” But the fact is that many of the movies are inspired by real-life stories. The most widely chosen genre is love & romance. The Indian filmmakers have portrayed some of the real romantic stories that have fascinated us over time and made us believe that true love does exist in today’s world. Bollywood movie DilwaleDulhaniya Le Jayenge will make you remember real love, but Telugu movies are not behind. The South film industry has given enough reality-based romantic films to the audiences. The trend of making movies based on true-life stories and events is seen in the Film industry. The best part connected with this fact is that these movies are massively doing well, and it becomes the most blockbuster movie of all time.

One of the movies that will give you a love goal and make you feel like traveling in the real life of a couple is GeetaSubramanyam. The movie has depicted that to be in a happy relationship; it is not necessary to get married. The concept of Live-in relationships has been shown in 4 episodes. The Director Siva Sai Vardhan also directed the original series GeethaSubramanyamin 2017 and has covered the entire movie with a different outlook. The movie was released on 8th February 2020.

Plot: The story is of a couple, Geetha and Subramanyam. The characters of Geetha&Subramanyam are played by Nakshatra and Karthik, respectively.Geetha is a fun-loving girl and part-time Radio Jockey. She is also a civil service aspirant. On the other hand, Subramanyam is an IT boy and dreams of flying over to the United States of America. Both are in love, and they are in a live-in relationship. Their constant bickering and cutesy fights make for an endearing and engaging watch that evokes fun. The story explores how love grows between them, and it becomes stronger with small fights and cares for each other. Ultimately they realize that they are made for each other.

The 1st episode begins with a light mode where both are in love, and they have their dreams & ambitions. With the successive episode, the story shows the different aspects of a couple living together without marriage. Both the characters have been balanced beautifully in the story, and the credit for this goes to Siva Sai Vardhan. A combination of balanced writing and performance can be seen inside the movie.

When such a romantic movie has so many positive things to inspire, this may be a must-watch movie, especially for young people. Telugu web series online is streaming on Aha. Those who are entertainment lovers can explore various movies that are inspiring everyone. Watch shows onlineat your place with the top streaming platform aha